Jade HayesJade Hayes
Midway pass course - first time pass
I had lessons previously with another driving instructor before coming to Adrian and so glad i changed to Adrian . Adrian put me at ease and really helped me build my confidence to be able to pass my test first time. Cant thank him enough. the DVD and workbook are a great way to prepare you for your lessons. Adrian is friendly approachable and makes lessons relaxed which in turn makes learning easier. Thanks again and will recommend to everyone.

First time pass
I cant believe I passed my test first time. My birthday was in Sept and by October I'd passed my test thanks to Adrian and the semi intensive course. I found the driving skills workbook and DVD very good and really helped me prepare for each lesson. Thank you so much Adrian I have and will continue to recommend to everyone.

Joe MarriotJoe Marriot
First time pass on a semi intensive
I would recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to learn to drive. The lessons was both fun and at a pace that was right for me. The structure of the lessons was good and the driving skills materials issued was also really useful to prepare for each lesson. I had previously been with another instructor and so glad Adrian was recommended to me. Thanks again

Ellie BrackleyEllie Brackley
So happy i passed
Whilst driving with Adrian I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and really looked forward too them. I started with weekly lessons with Adrian then decided to speed things up as i wanted to pass quickly. After taking the Midway intensive course I felt that we covered all that I needed to and the lessons was very structured in the areas that I needed more practice in. Adrian was really friendly, warming and made you feel as though you was next to a friend rather than an instructor/ teacher, I also felt that support was always there when I needed it also, every time I wanted to give up he was there to lift me back up. I would 100% recommend Adrian, loved every minute.

Connor RowsonConnor Rowson
Semi intensive first time pass
Thank you Adrian for all your support and professionalism. I have really enjoyed the lessons and would recommend you to everyone wanting to learn to drive. I liked the structure to the intensive course and how i had input into what we practiced during the lessons . The workbook and driving skills DVD really helped as each lesson as i felt more prepared.thanks again for all your support throughout.

Rachel WoodbridgeRachel Woodbridge
First time pass thanks to Adrian
I would recommend Adrian to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. Putting me at ease, giving me encouragement and support throughout. Understanding my fears and helping me to overcome them. Achieving my goals and went the extra mile for me. I couldn't have passed 1st time without him, I can't thank him enough.

Aaron RobertsAaron Roberts
Thank you adrian
Adrian thank you very much for everything you have done. I have really enjoyed all the lessons and enjoyed the way lessons was different every lesson and that I was able to practice on things that I need more help with. The workbook was great and helped me prepare for lessons. Thanks again and for sure will be recommending you to everyone.Thanks again.

Robson AndrewsRobson Andrews
Thank you Adrian
I passed my test with Adrian and wanted to express my thanks to him. Adrian is a friendly and professional guy who made my lessons enjoyable. We tailored my lessons to my needs and i had input in to what i wanted to develop. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and would recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to learn to drive.The work book and online video,s are great too. Thanks again Adrian.

Ben SheltonBen Shelton
Thank you so much
Just want to say thanks for everything. It was a pleasure to learn with you and I couldn't ask for a better instructor and i have had previous instructors, your reassurance and belief in my ability was a key factor in getting the pass. The LDC system helped me progress outside of lessons, I would recommend it to all new drivers. Thanks again for everything, Ben

Alisha EllisAlisha Ellis
first time pass
I would 100% recommend. Adrian as he has made my lessons fun, enjoyable and chilled out which made driving easier and a memorable experience. Right up until my test he made me feel relaxed and at ease allowing me to go into my test feeling confident! Thank you for everything.

Jade JonesJade Jones
First time pass using semi intensive option
I would recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I had never driven before and within 2 weeks i have a full licence thanks to Adrian. I can say the lessons was both enjoyable and fun ,we always worked at areas i was making mistakes on to build my confidence along with a different Topic every lesson and learning at a pace that's fast but tailored to my ability. The driving skills workbook and DVD are very useful for you to prepare you for your lessons .Adrian is a very approachable man which makes it easy to relax and focus on your lessons and he supports and helps you really build your confidence on the road. Thank you very much Adrian i will be recommending you to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Brandon YatesBrandon Yates
First time pass
Thanks very much Adrian and thank you. I really would recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Every lesson we worked at something new or practiced on things i wasn't confident on.Lessons was always relaxed which in turn made me more confident and in turn I passed my test first time. The workbook was really useful along with the student Hub. Thanks again Adrian.

Joe Manion Joe Manion
Zero driving faults first time pass
I previously had another instructor but wasn't making much progress so changed to Adrian as he was recommended. Absolutely fantastic, cannot thank Adrian enough for helping me start my driving journey, 100% recommend. By far the best driving instructor around, thank you Adrian for getting me test ready and teaching me to be safe on the roads, see you out there!

Zubair Imam Zubair Imam
Highly recommend
Well i started off my driving lessons with a bloke called Keith from another driving school. A few lessons went alright but after 12 lessons or more I thought I wasn't improving and not enjoying them so started to ask my friends who they had had lessons with. My friends who passed with Adrian first time recommended to train with him. His lessons were very different to previous instructor as i was able to have input into what i wanted to learn and we always made time to practice on things that didn't go so well on previous lesson. I learned something new every lesson. Adrian put a lot of confidence in me unlike my previous instructor. The lessons are very enjoyable and Adrian soon puts you at ease. Adrian has a very good and simple method of teaching manoeuvres which i was so nervous about but thanks to Adrian i soon got them to a good safe standard. I highly recommend Adrian to every new driver to train with Adrian.

Claire JacksonClaire Jackson
First time pass
I maybe camera shy but wanted to share my feedback I chose Adrian as my instructor after reviewing my options online. The online reviews and prices made him the obvious choice. From my very first lesson I could tell I had made the right choice. His professional but friendly style put me at ease and made driving pleasurable, stress fee and fun. I'm delighted to have passed first time, no doubt due to Adrian's guidance, patience and great teaching ability. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody learning to drive

Adam WryleAdam Wryle
First time pass
I cant believe i passed my test first time. Adrian was extremely supportive throughout my lessons and couldn't have done it without him, not only the driving lessons but the encouragement towards my theory test too. Lessons was fun, relaxed and at a pace that was right for me. If i made a mistake we worked towards correcting the error to resolve which in turn boosted my confidence. The student hub was fantastic along with the workbook Adrian provides his learners with. I don,t know any other driving school which does this. I would highly recommend Adrian to anyone learning to drive .

Becky HencliffeBecky Hencliffe
intensive course first time pass.
I was a nervous wreck at the beginning of my intensive course but Adrian was absolutely amazing. He is a brilliant driving instructor I couldn't have asked for a better person. Defiantly going to recommend to my friends and family. Thank you so much for everything. Xx

Dionne TeateDionne Teate
First time pass
100% recommend Adrian, by far the most amazing person and driving instructor I know. He doesn't only teach you how to drive safely but he is also relaxed positive and now a very good friend. Makes every lesson enjoyable and always learning something new or practicing on something i wanted to practice on. I couldn't recommend someone more. Kindest and most generous person I know, go with him 100%!!!

Katie RossKatie Ross
Recommend to everyone.5Star
Adrian has been the best instructor I have had (and I've been through a few previous instructors ) he had time and patience and always worked with me on anything I felt I needed to practice, we also always had a great laugh during lessons and he also taught me how to just move on if I made a mistake instead of letting affect the rest of my driving. I would highly recommend anytime. Thank you so much xxx

Anthony HibleAnthony Hible
one week pass course
I would 100% recommend Adrian to anybody starting to drive, there is nobody that can offer the same patience, knowledge and friendship to get you passed. And thanks for all the polos.

Megan BonsorMegan Bonsor
intensive course paid off for me.
I want to thank Adrian again for how much he's helped me through my driving experience, I've had previous instructors but didn't work however Adrian helped me get to the end goal and pass my test. He was really understanding and without him I wouldn't be the confident driver I am today.thank you again Adrian. I would recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Jack WortleyJack Wortley
First time pass -Intensive course
I would Just like to say a massive thank you to Adrian Hammonds for being a great instructor and making all his lessons enjoyable . Amazing person and a true professional at his job. Thank you very much would recommend to anyone wanting to drive.

Wendy HendersonWendy Henderson
First time pass
Whilst Adrian was giving me tuition on my driving lessons , he gave me full support and was very supportive when i was finding something harder to achieve. No two lessons are the same..he gave me good and clear directions and don be afraid to ask as he will make every one of your concerns or questions become clear..a very caring/ fair and compassionate instructor made me feel at ease. What i really liked was we went at my pace and if i wanted to work at something then each lesson he made sure we covered what i wanted to do while keeping on track .always at the end of a phone .I would highly recommend and have recommended Adrian to everyone. Thank you Adrian. ps Cant believe i got a first time pass.

Anthony NobleAnthony Noble
First time pass
Thanks adrian for all your support. Really enjoyed every lesson and would recommend you to every one. So pleased i got a first time pass.thank you.

Chris HillmanChris Hillman
First time pass
Thank you Adrian for everything you have done, I couldn't have done it without you. I really enjoyed every lesson. I will be recommending you to all of my friends. Thanks again from one happy new driver.

Rebecca BingleyRebecca Bingley
Intensive course paid off
I loved the way you teached me to drive and was very patient and made me feel at ease every lesson which in turn made me more confident. Lessons was fun whilst learning at a fast pace. The Driving skills work book and DVD was great, I was able to prepare myself for the next lesson so no surprises which built my confidence in whatever we was training on that day. I would highly recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to learn to drive for both intensive courses and weekly lessons.Thank you again Adrian.

Euan GregoryEuan Gregory
first time pass
First time pass. Had a great time learning with Adrian. Has a great way of teaching and makes you feel so comfortable behind the wheel. Would fully recommend to any new driver

Sam CookeSam Cooke
So pleased I passed
Adrian is a brilliant driving instructor. I would definitely recommend, he helps you gain confidence and is extremely reliable. You can depend on him to help you with anything that you struggle with and the lessons are made fun at the same time. The best there is!

Oliver HughesOliver Hughes
First time pass
I would and have recommended Adrian to everyone. i passed my driving test first time with the help and support Adrian gave me. He,s a great instructor and made every lesson enjoyable. Helped me gain all the skills needed to pass my test. Thank you so much. The Driving skills workbook Adrian provides you with is great to review what you have achieved and can read about subject you going to cover so your prepared for your next lesson. Thanks again Adrian.

Rebekah BamfordRebekah Bamford
First time pass
Just want the day a massive thank you to Adrian for helping me pass my test first time!! You always made my lessons fun and you always gave me the help and support whenever I needed it and most of all you gave me the extra confidence boost I needed to finally reach my end goal. Would recommend you to anyone that's wants to learn to drive. Thanks again Adrian 😊

Jordan HerneJordan Herne
Intensive pass course
Cant thank you enough Adrian. Passing my test today means the world to me and this week as been great and couldn't have done it without your help and support. The lessons have been great and really enjoyed them and we didn't take the fun out of learning. Thanks again and will recommend to everyone thanks again.

Deana ScottDeana Scott
Adrian Hammonds I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your support in getting me through my test. You are a fantastic instructor and I will recommend you always. Thanks again

Georgie BrooksGeorgie Brooks
First time pass
Thank you so much for your tuition. lessons have been brilliant, you helped me stay calm, made everything seem simple and helped me feel like a natural driver. I can't thank you enough and will recommend to everyone.

Drae HarrisDrae Harris
First time pass
Would like to say a big thank Adrian for teaching me how to drive, you've had a lot of patience with me and I am very appreciative 🙂 my overall experience was very good, and made my learning experience a very pleasant one. Very grateful for your teaching once again and so happy i passed first time, best of luck to you in the future 🙂will recommend to everyone.

Joe BroughtonJoe Broughton
First time pass
Thank you Adrian. I will highly recommend you to everyone. Adrian always gave me plenty of support when I needed it and explaining everything in a understandable way making it easy to remember both while learning and in the future. I found Adrian to be a great instructor. Thanks Adrian.

Jack McCormickJack McCormick
Intensive first time pass. Just weeks after 17th Birthday
Thank you adrian for the brilliant service . your a brilliant instructor and the pace of the intensive course is brilliant to which your learn very quickly supported by the driving skills workbook and DVD. Enjoyed every lesson which you broke things down into manageable stages which in turn makes the pace fast but easy to learn. I will recommend you to everyone.thanks again adrian.

Scott HookwayScott Hookway
Semi Intensive first time pass
Thank you for the help and support I needed so that I could pass first time, you were always very good at explaining everything clearly and never did I feel like I couldn't do something when I was in the car. You kept me motivated and I always looked forward to our lessons as I learned a lot whilst also having a good laugh at the same time. I would 100% recommend you too everyone! Thanks again for everything!

Kieron harrisonKieron harrison
First time pass
I passed my test first time thanks to the driving lessons with adrian. Adrian is a great guy a great instructor and would highly recommend to anyone looking for driving lessons.

Georgina GoodGeorgina Good
First time pass
A brilliant instructor , every lesson was a pleasure and I received top quality lessons and support throughout the whole experience of learning to drive and would highly recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I passed first time.

Kim woodKim wood
First time pass
I would like to thank you so much for helping me pass my test first time within 6 months. You kept me calm and gave me the confidence to get to my end goal. I would and have highly recommended you to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again Adrian.

Keenan JohnsonKeenan Johnson
First time pass . 1 DF
Thank you so much for everything you've done to help me pass my test first time. I couldn't have done it without your help and support. Thank you once again i would recommend you to everyone.

Ryan AndersonRyan Anderson
Zero faults - First time pass
I'd just like to say thanks for everything. It's been a pleasure to be taught by you and i couldn't have done it without you. I cant believe i got zero faults. I would recommend you for sure to everyone. Thanks again Adrian.

Sebastiana Sebastiana
First time pass on semi intensive
Just a note to say thank you for all the assistance you gave me whilst I was learning to drive. You were always very patient and give me advice that was of great help. Adrian worked together with me on an intensive course and worked at a good pace to get me up to speed as quickly as possible. Thank you for all the help and advice he gave me. In the end it but it paid off. I appreciate all of your help, Adrian is an excellent driving instructor and would recommend and thank you very much once again!

Josh PercivalJosh Percival
First time Pass
Thanks Adrian for everything. All the help and support has been great. Your a brilliant instructor that helped me learn to drive the way that suited me best. Thank you again

Kayleigh lewisKayleigh lewis
Intensive first time pass
Thank you so much for teaching me Adrian would 100% recommend you ! Extremely happy thankyou again xxx

Kirsty lillimanKirsty lilliman
Massive thank you. So happy
I would just like to say a massive thankyou for getting me through my test. It would have been impossible without you not only have you been a brilliant instructor you have been a great friend. You have been the most patient person I know yet the most encouraging. I can't thankyou enough it's been a fantastic with many laughs and a few tears. I would recommend you to everyone I know. Thankyou so much Ade I really couldn't have done it without you 😆

Harvey WinterHarvey Winter
First time pass
Thank you so much, Adrian Hammonds. Can't thank you enough.

Jess Jess
First time pass
I would like to say a massive thank you to a truly great person. I wouldn't have had the confidence to have continued driving with you, you put me at ease right from my first lesson, and wouldn't have no hesitation in recommending you to my friend or family. I have enjoyed every minute of my lessons. Thank you for all your valued support and patience I could of not done it with out you. :)

Passed with Adrian
Thank you so much for everything you have done. I've had 4 different instructors and you are by far the best just wish I had booked with you first. I've enjoyed and looked forward to every lesson and as well as being nervous I was excited about doing my test. You have given me the confidence I needed in driving and in myself that's all thank to you :) I will send you a text and update when baby arrives good luck for the future and thanks again .PS I will recommend you to everyone.

Charlotte HunkaCharlotte Hunka
Zero faults and first time pass
Thank you so much Adrian for all the support you gave me and keeping me calm and focused i couldn't be more grateful. Cant believe I got zero faults. So glad I came to you for lessons and will recommend to everyone. The DVD and workbook are so useful. Thank you.

Jack PikeJack Pike
Intensive course
Thanks very much Adrian. The Intensive course paid off. Started sat and passed test on Fri I couldn't be happier. Thank you. I can now enjoy my freedom on the road.

I've done it thank you so much.
Adrian Thank you very much for all the help and support. Its been a brilliant pleasure learning with you and couldn't have done it without you. your the best instructor I know. And will defo recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again.

First time pass using semi intensive course over a couple of weeks.
Thanks very much Adrian, 20 hours semi intensive and passed my test first time. I wanted to pass my test quick before going back to uni and Adrian made it happen, I'm so pleased. I would recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again.

Catherine RhodesCatherine Rhodes
First time pass
I changed instructor following a recommendation to go with Adrian. I'm so pleased I did as I enjoyed my lessons and went on to pass my test first time. I would recommend Adrian to all. I have already started telling people about him so don't hesitate to use him for your driving lessons. Thanks again Adrian.

1st time pass
Thank you Adrian for all your help. First time pass I'm so pleased.

Emma HayesEmma Hayes
First time pass
Thank you Adrian. I'm so pleased I passed my test first time. I changed instructor and went to Adrian and I'm so glad I did. I would recommend Adrian to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again

Raphael AlexanderRaphael Alexander
Thank you Adrian
A very big thank you Adrian for being an excellent driving instructor. You have taught me so many things and explained clearly with good strategies. Thanks for always coaching me with my mistakes and advise given on how to improve on them. I enjoy the feedback you gave me at the end of every lesson and make the plan for the next one. You motivated me very well and kept my confidence level up by saying how I perform on the road. I had a great experience with you and once again thank you Adrian

Danny SevernDanny Severn
Thank you
Thanks for everything. First time pass really pleased. Thanks again.

Ryan MooreRyan Moore
Thanks adrian
Thank you Adrian it's bin good .couldn't have asked for anyone better to teach me thank you.

First time pass
So happy I chose to learn to drive with Adrian. I couldn't be more grateful for the lengths he went to to fit in my lessons and make it possible for me to pass my driving test before summer. His friendly and amicable nature made every lesson truly enjoyable and his professionalism meant I was learning new things and gaining more confidence on each drive. I feel over the moon to have passed my driving test first time after 30 hours of lessons and I only have Adrian to thank.

Rachel MaxwellRachel Maxwell
Passed with zero faults
I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Adrian for being an amazing driving instructor. For not giving up on me and for believing in me when I had no belief in myself. I wouldn't have passed without you! Thank you so so much for the confidence you have given me these past 11 weeks and for not giving up on me. All the best, Rachel.

Amy wilkinsonAmy wilkinson
I did it. First time pass
Couldn't be happier with passing my test first time and couldn't of wished for a better instructor. I am going to miss having lessons as every lesson I had I enjoyed even when I struggled doing something with the help I got it didn't take me long. Thank you so much Adrian my nerves where very bad and never thought for a moment that I would be passing first time!! Thank you again

Tom Davis
Passed First time
Having never driven before, when you first sit in the drivers seat things can be a little daunting. There's a lot to take in and remember in order to be a good and safe driver. Adrian broke everything down, making things simple to understand and remember. Each lesson was tailored to my ability and what I and Adrian believed were my strengths and weaknesses and plans agreed for the following lesson so I could use the DVD and workbook to plan myself for the next lesson. 29 hours and 30 minutes of lessons later I took my test and passed with 3 minors. Adrian Hammonds is an excellent driving instructor and I would definitely recommend him to any new learners deciding who to choose. Thanks for everything Adrian, Tom Davies

Bec Hickman
Passed first time.
After having no luck with my previous driving instructors, I thought I would give Ade a try. So glad I did, I was very nervous to begin with but Ade made me feel comfortable from my first lesson with him, he is very patient and that gave me the confidence I needed. Ade is very good at explaining how I could improve on things and also praises you for things you do well on, which is also a boost of confidence and before my test we concentrated on things I was still abit nervous on. I would highly recommend Ade I passed my test first time with just 2 minors and it's the best thing I ever did, I had a great time learning to drive with Ade. And he's always there to help.

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